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Damon Engineering Supplies
Launched in 1989 Damon Engineering Supplies now serves customers large and small throughout the world, but primarily in the UK through our website. We aim to deliver to most areas of the UK by next day delivery. We supply Workshop Engineering Consumable Supplies, Professional Hand Tools and Air Tools to the, Automotive, Heavy Plant, Construction, Engineering, Transport and Aviation Industries.
Superior Service
We offer a superior service to all our Customer’s, which is backed up by a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, or a replacement on all our workshop tools and equipment, or a full refund, should the goods not be to the Customer satisfaction.
Trusted Suppliers
Through serving customers for 28years, Damon Engineering Supplies have gained much experience in many areas of industry in dealing with Customer problems. During this time the company has built up an extensive list of dedicated and trusted suppliers, to help us quickly solve most Customer problems encountered
Quality Brands
We offer a wide range of quality engineering tool supplies and equipment from top brand names
Top Brands
Our engineering supplies & engineering tools supplies are sourced only from quality and fully traceable suppliers, plus our engineering tools list include many top brand names, listed below.
Automotive Consumable Supplies, Professional Hand Tools, and Air Tools
Damon Engineering Supplies supply many consumable supplies, and tools used in the maintenance of cars, and commercial vehicles, ranging from fasteners and fixings of all types, threads, sizes, and materials. Electrical consumables from cable ties, fuses of all types, and wiring terminals are extensively available as are airlines and airline connectors. Abrasives, Drilling, Welding supplies, and Health and Safety products are all extensively available. Professional Hand Tools from KS, TENG, NWS, IRWIN, ECLIPSE among many others are available as are Professional Air Tools from KS, PCL, and UT.
Health & Safety
In today's world we need to make sure we protect our workers from any potential hazards that they may encounter whilst carry out their work. Damon Engineering Supplies supply many Health & Safety Products to protect the hands, face, eyes, lungs, knees and head. See Product Lists for these products
industry solutionsDamon Engineering Supplies, have been involved in the Automotive, Heavy Plant, Construction, Engineering, Aviation and Transport Industries for over 25 years, offering Engineering Support and solutions to problems to Customers within these industries. Some of our original customers are still with us today, offering proof that the service we give to our customers both large and small, is of the highest quality, and second to none. Over the past 25 years we have been major suppliers to large companies in the Transport, Heavy Plant and Engineering Industries, but also to small companies. We are also able to give our customers a high level of support due to the extensive time we have been in business, with a long list of approved suppliers who we can turn to solve your supply and technical problems. We do go the extra mile and you can be assured we will treat each order or quotation with a professional willingness and attention. From Electrical Components & Power, Fasteners/Fixings, Airlines & Hoses, Welding/Cutting/Grinding/Abrasives, PPI Hand and Face Protection, Safety First Aid and Liquid Handling, Adhesives, Paints, Chemical Sprays, Grease, Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies, Storage, Security and Signage, and a huge range of Professional Hand Tools  and Air Tools, we have the products to solve most of your problems. Good Service to all our customers is our aim. so if you have a problem, please contact us as per the Contact tab on the Home page of the website, where we will be happy to take your order and help solve your problems.